Inspired by the idea of publishing work into magazines I decided to create new work. In my research I stumpled upon fashion magazine photograps of woman posing in isolated landscapes. I always found that there was a hint of desires, emotions and erotica. But the arbitrary clean look of these photographs stood in the way to connect with these woman desires. That in mind I started reproducing these images. 

These drawings have been published in the literary magazine DW B in the edition of June 2019.

June 2019, pencile on paper, 320 x 225 mm



Extase started with the exercise to reduce my drawings to its bare minimum. By erasing the figurative elements of the drawings, all that was left where the lines. Drawing these sharp lines became an obsessive game in search for tension within the drawing.

This work consists of 59 drawings.

June 2018, pencile drawings on paper, 240 x 315  mm.




April 2018, 153 pen drawings on paper, 150 x 210  mm.



untitled number one and two are screenprinted works consisting of two badly screenprinted images. By using a minimum on screenprint ink this resulted in misprints of the images highliting the materiality of the project. 

June 2014, screenprint on Clairefontaine Trophee Blue and Canary, 160 g., 255  x 246  mm.

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