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Graphic Artist, Illustrator and printmaker



Arne Wastyn (1993) is a graphic artist who lives and works in Antwerp. He mainly works with found images and illustrations that he uses as inspiration to create new work. Images are made to capture the world, to set boundaries and rules, to better understand the world. Images are believed to be a mirror of the world while instead they are a mirror of our thoughts on this world. They are made to create order in a world where there is no order. Arne is always looking for pictures that overstep these boundaries. When creating new work, he searches for an invasive experience that is trigged by the pictures. Besides that, he makes numerous drawings whereby the movement of the pen on the paper needs a more physical approach. 

By combining, editing, or reproducing these photographs, illustrations and drawings he reveals a deeper layer of representations. His work reveals the complex mechanism of representation and the brain in relation with our basic instincts and urges. Showing you a visual work while it leaves you with a physical experience, fooling the mind. 

He translates his work in numerous prints, drawings and artist books.