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Unlock The Magic Of Everyday Life

Arne Wastyn is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Antwerp, dedicated to creating bold, vibrant designs that bring magic to everyday life. He covers a wide range of genres from typography to illustration and branding. 


The Thing - Poster Design

After seeing John Carpenter's The Thing I made this poster as a drawing practice.

Vending For Yourself - Zine design & screenprinting

Jasper Vanhauwaert asked me to design a small zine with pictures taken from his trip to Japan. The cover consists of a cmyk screenprint and screenprint on chalk paper to give it an analog blurry look. The zine was then hand bound with red thread using Japanese binding.

Titane, Sooner - Poster, T-shirt design and screenprint

Online streaming platform for alternative films, Sooner asked me to design a PR package for influencers. The French film Titane by Julia Ducournau was chosen as subject. I designed an alternative movie poster with matching t-shirt. 

Birth card - Design, illustration and screenprint

Hand printed birth cards with an artisan look.